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Nashville TN architects and interior design

Integrated Architect, Interior Design & Construction Services

At ViViD1 Architecture in Nashville TN, we recognize that architecture means different things to different people, communities, and cultures. Our stance, is that architecture is the space, form, and function of the areas in which we inhabit. As a result, we believe in transforming space to meet the client's needs and to enrich the communities that they serve.


As stewards in architecture, interior design and construction, we strive towards responsible design and high quality construction. Our goal is to provide you with excellent design and construction while adhering to your budget and deadlines.  

ViViD1 Architecture is proud to offer Interior Design services to prospective clients in Nashville and the middle TN area. For we believe that buildings are incomplete without functionally designed and pleasing interior spaces. Design does not stop at the threshold and skin of the building exterior, but encompasses interior elements and spaces as well. Whether it's coordinating building systems with interior materials or designing functional work spaces, we would be happy to play a role as your interior designer of choice and guide you through the decision making process.

ViViD1 Architecture relishes the opportunity to help shape communities and environments which forever surround us. In fact, we consider ourselves custodians of the built environment. For we have the responsibility of making sure our communities work well for us and for generations to come. If you are looking for the premier master planning firm in Nashville TN then give ViViD1 a call.We are proud to connect with clients in early planning phases so that the end result is well organized and thought through. We strive to show developers that live, work, and play communities reduce sprawl and produce healthy environments. While clients dream big, we love to help clients dream bigger. If given the opportunity, our team will help you see the total picture.


In addition to providing full service architectural design services we are also a licensed general contractor in the state of Tennessee.  This allows us to provide you a "One Stop Experience" where we can Design the building or space and then Construct it based upon our designs.


We provide architectural design, interior design services, planning and construction services to Nashville TN and surrounding communities. Although we focus our services primarily in the Nashville TN and surrounding Middle TN area, we can design commercial, industrial, residential and multi-unit residential properties anywhere in the United States.

A Nashville TN Architectural Design, Interior Design and Master Planning Firm and General Contractor For Commercial, Industrial and Residential Construction

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